Government Projects

Government Projects

The sky is our limit and we truly believe in that saying. Working with the Government to do wonders and build a better nation, sounds great, isn’t it? Our capable team has been involved in multiple projects including Roads, Schools and Hospitals from the government and since then there was no turning back.



Quality school buildings are essential for growing communities. LiveHi portfolio includes construction of brand new school buildings as well as renovation of outdated constructions.


LiveHi team has been involved in construction of Hospitals that require critical planning, top notch design that ensures optimized utilization of the space to provide first class patient treatment.


Our projects are expanding. We are not limiting our work to anything. Believe in us to get the projects completed on time at par excellence.


From certified designers, using premium brands of equipment to having a very large inventory; our team has been able to manage it all with much grace and efficiency. From working with the government to bringing in the best practices to our own projects, Livehi developers have done it all.